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One-Day Popups & Six Week Play Studios
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Your Child Was Born to Play!

The benefits of play are endless. The latest research in early childhood development, and studies in neuroscience continue to prove that play is fundamental to the growth and development of your child’s brain. Children are born to play; in fact, we all are born to play!

Leading experts speak of the importance of nourishing childhood through play with language and literacy foundations that form the basis for all learning. From emotional wellness to social connectedness to physical well-being, intellectual and cognitive development, moral and spiritual growth, and an alignment with nature, the importance of play in early childhood ~ and in life ~ is essential.

At The Playful Child, your child is a part of a play-inspired environment, literacy-rich and full of endless possibilities that nurture your child’s holistic growth and development. 

About The Playful Child

Our Vision

At The Playful Child, we are inspired to reimagine childhood in ways that align with the innate curiosity, inspirational wonder, and unique self-identity of all children. We nurture a culture that inspires children to follow their love for play while listening to their inner voice as a guide that leads them to uncover connections to meaningful and purposeful relationships and encounters with others and the world around them. 

Our vision is to reimagine childhood as we forge a pathway with your child toward connected relationships, holistic well-being, and a love for learning through play, mindfulness, art, nature, and other foundations that unfold naturally among children and their parents and educators. 

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to creating a culture of childhood that honours and celebrates the gifts that live within the heart, mind, body, and spirit of your child

We are committed to holistically nourishing the whole being of your child’s inner self in ways that align precisely with their unique journey through childhood. 

We are devoted to a gentle and responsive, child-centred approach to learning rooted in playful explorations and open-ended inquiry that supports the unique journey of your child. 

Situated in a calm environment that nurtures a sense of belonging,  enables a culture of community, fosters a positive self-identity, and connects children to mindful, meaningful, and purposeful living, we wholeheartedly support you and your child along their journey through childhood.

A Fresh & Inspiring Community

As you and your child connect in our community, you’ll enjoy experiences that foster meaningful connections to your everyday lives while inspiring transformations that enhance your everyday lives.

Experience a fresh culture where childhood is reimagined through play, mindfulness, art, nature, and so much more. Refresh the everyday moments you share with your child by aligning with our community.

At The Playful Child, you’ll discover a community where your child’s gifts are honoured and celebrated wholeheartedly. It’s a place where children connect meaningfully with themselves, others, and the world around them through their natural desire for playful experiences and connected relationships. Together with your child, you’ll see childhood and life through a new lens. You’ll be welcomed to reconsider ideas, beliefs, and patterns that, at times, have left each of you feeling disconnected, disengaged, misaligned, and sometimes even empty of meaning and purpose in your everyday moments.

As certified teachers specializing in play and well-being for children, we understand the challenges you face as you seek what is best for your child. For that reason, we’ve created a unique community, where we offer weeknight and weekend studio sessions designed to enhance the everyday moments of children, parents, and educators. 

Explore a gentle and responsive approach to growth and learning rooted in playful explorations; experiences that that nourish the whole being of children, parents, and educators. We meet you and your child where you’re at, connect you with something bigger than yourselves, empower, inspire, and transform your everyday lives, and share a culture where connected relationships matter. Welcome to our fresh new community, The Playful Child.

Play Groups & Gatherings

Discover inspiring opportunities for your child to engage in open-ended explorations through
play, mindfulness, art, nature, and other language and literacy-rich foundations of
early childhood, growth, and learning within a supportive and nurturing community. 

Explorations in the
Creative Play Studio

Play builds brains! This curiosity-provoking and uniquely curated collection of materials will have your child deeply engaged in the richness and brilliance of brain-sparking play.

Explorations in the
Creative Art Studio

Calling All Artists! We invite your child to embrace the creative freedom of open-ended art explorations where they can explore the diverse languages of a variety of art mediums.

A Playful Approach to the Science of Reading

Pressure-Free Reading! Our engaging approach to reading is proven to strengthen and enhance the foundational building blocks of your child's language, literacy, and learning.

Parent & Toddler
Play Studio

Curiosity-Provoking Play! A play-infused space for toddlers to explore a unique collection of materials that inspire wonder, curiosity, growth, friendships, and learning through play.

A Playful Approach to Math Foundations

Confident, Competent & Playful! A numeracy-rich environment for essential mathematical foundations. We inspire an open-to-thinking stance that grows a love for all things math.

Early Childhood Inquiry: A Project-Based Series

Calling Curious Minds! We start with wonder around a question, a problem or an idea, and sparks fly. A magical place of discovery and investigation about the world all around.

Dramatic & Imaginary Play for Children

Imagine the Possibilities! Filled with our special collection of dramatic and imaginary play materials, your child will love getting lost in the magnificent world of pure imagination.

A Playful Approach to the Science of Reading

Pressure-Free Reading! Our engaging approach to reading and writing is proven to strengthen and enhance the foundational building blocks of your child's language, literacy, and learning.

A Playful Approach to the Science of Writing

Creatively Expressive! Our inspiring approach to writing is a delightful way to nurture your child's love for written communication. Our playful approach empowers without pressure.

Children need the freedom and time
to play. Play is not a luxury.
Play is a necessity.

Kay Redfield Jamison

There is a strong connection between the practice of play and the emotional and cognitive development of the brain.

Dr. Stuart Brown
About Us

Our Approach

The Playful Child is grounded in early childhood research, including the neuroscience of brain development, play theory, and practices from the Reggio Emilia Approach, among other theories that support the holistic growth and development of children. Our philosophy embraces The Nurtured Inspirations Approach, where the image of the child is valued as curious, capable, and full of endless possibilities. 

We believe in the innate wonder of children, their need for meaningful connections and purposeful encounters. Our approach embraces the rights of the child in ways that embolden them to spark brilliance in the world. We invite parents and educators to actively join us along this journey of empowered partnership. 

We are committed to fostering a culture of creative co-construction and collaboration in a community that invites our youngest citizens to inspire those around them. As they share their insightful perspectives, infinite questions, and profound wisdom within our community and the world, we open the door to the hope of our future: the children. 

The Seven Pillars
of Well-Nurtured Children

Our philosophy embraces a gentle and responsive approach to raising children; 
one that fosters the well-being of all children. 

Grounded in seven essential pillars, we focus on the holistic wellness of children;
while recognizing how naturally The Seven Pillars support the well-being of all humans. We invite you to explore this empowering approach.

The Emotional Pillar ~ a critical element of every human being, the emotional development of a child is at the heart of all we do alongside children. 

The Social Pillar lays the foundation for all interactions your child shares with others. Socially, our gatherings nurture your child to feel connected, confident, and comfortable with themselves and others. 

This FREE guide lets you peek into my secrets that’ll remind you of your why, reconnect you of your purpose.

The Physical Pillar empowers children to learn to identify and self-regulate their physical needs, helping them to develop a deeper awareness of their unique identities and how they interact with the world.

The Intellectual Pillar aligns children with their innate love for learning. With rich, open-ended opportunities for learning through play, our  experiences invite the brilliance of your child to shine. 

This FREE guide lets you peek into my secrets that’ll remind you of your why, reconnect you of your purpose.

The Moral Pillar helps nourish your child’s sense of understanding right from wrong, kind, and empathetic. We nourish the roots of moral thinking and its impact on humanity.

The Spiritual Pillar calmly connects children to a meaningful and purposeful life. Your child will explore mindful and intentional ways of being that support their well-being in everyday moments. 

This FREE guide lets you peek into my secrets that’ll remind you of your why, reconnect you of your purpose.

The Nature Pillar grounds children to connect with the natural world and all things bigger than themselves. Connecting your child to the world around them, we welcome your child to the wonders all around. 

A Few of Our Inspirations

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

Fred Rogers
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