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A Playful Approach to
the Science of Reading


A Playful Approach to The Science of Reading

Pressure-Free Reading! Our engaging approach to reading is proven to strengthen and enhance the foundational building blocks of your child’s language, literacy, and learning. 

Your child is invited into a literacy-rich environment where engaging, hands-on materials, conversations, dramatic play, and social invitations are presented in a beautiful setting that welcome open-ended explorations for learning to emerge and unfold. Our studio space offers your child the freedom to explore literacy skills alongside certified teachers specializing in reading and early childhood. Along with explicit instruction, backed by neuroscience and the latest research in the science of reading, we invite your child to an experience that weaves essential language skills into meaningful and connected play and small group reading experiences.

A Playful Approach to the Science of Reading is a fresh take on a play-based reading experience. Our program nurtures meaningful connections and fosters literate understandings through play-inspired language development and literacy learning. Through an enriched play and literacy experience, your child will experience a multitude of essential foundations for literacy behaviours that nourish success in reading.

Why The Science of Reading Matters

Research has proven that literacy behaviours in children are predictors of performance and literacy achievement in reading. Explicit, systematic, and direct instruction of phonemic and phonics positively impacts the ability to decode symbols into sounds. Without cognitive, linguistic, meaning-making, and social connections to text, children lack understanding of what they are reading. 

At The Playful Child we’ve created a space where playful experiences unfold from within explicit science of reading instruction ~ where reading strategies, research-based practices, and child-inspired conversations unfold. Our unique environment aligns your child with brain-science and play! We nourish oral language through playfully embedded instructional talk layering critical language skills, vocabulary development, and oral narrative competencies into the context of solid reading instruction.

Emerging from direct instruction and uniquely playful connections around storytelling, dramatic role play, language comprehension, sequencing, retelling, and inferencing, to name a few, your child will embrace a love for reading that stays with them for life. Building upon alphabet knowledge, letter-sound fluency, phonological and phonemic awareness, word recognition, oral reading fluency, and other essential literacy fundamentals, your child will develop literacy skills that enhance reading.

Your Child Will Soar!

With the science of reading interwoven into play, your child will experience a literacy-rich environment that cultivates the confidence of your engaged reader. With our science-proven reading program, your child will soar as we foster lifelong literacy foundations that will strengthen their fundamentals of reading. 

Your child will develop language skills, vocabulary development, and fluency in reading as they actively practice reading strategies, share reflective conversations, and dive into phonological and phonemic understandings, reading fluency, comprehension, and so much more.

Through playful interactions and instructional practices rooted in the science of reading, your child will experience an enriched literacy program that encourages a variety of emergent literacy behaviours that support your ever-evolving literate child. Experience our fresh take on reading!

A Playful Approach to the
Science of Reading

This 6-week session runs on Saturday mornings.

Dates include Saturday
To Be Announced

St. Mary's Hall, Maidstone, Ontario

Drop Off ~ Pick Up
To Be Announced

NOTE: Please arrive on time for drop-off and pick up as next sessions begin promptly on the hour or half hour.
We need time to prepare for the next group.

"Once you learn to read,
you will be forever free."

Frederick Douglass
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