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The Giving Tree

Something Bigger Than Ourselves!

We are dedicated to creating a culture of childhood that honours and celebrates the gifts that live within the heart, mind, body, and spirit of all children. 

Through play, mindfulness, art, nature, and so much more, we nurture, guide, and inspire the whole being of children. Our child-inspired experiences meet little ones where they’re at along their journey of growth, development, and learning. We nurture in children meaningful relationships and experiences that help nourish their whole being and connect them to a purposeful existence. We are dedicated to children and we welcome you to join us as we reimagine childhood in ways that empower their brilliance.

Toward a Greater Good

As human beings, we live on through the legacy we share with our children. Through their profound wisdom and insights, along with the partnership we share with them, we co-construct a world that feels connected to a greater good ~ goodness that shapes who they are and how they share their gifts with the world ~ now and into their future. 

At The Playful Child, we enhance the well-being of children, as well as that of parents and educators who support the growth and development of our little ones.  We nurture empowering relationships, build nurturing environments, foster knowledge and understanding, and guide our youngest generation toward meaningful relationships and purposeful experiences.

We seek believers in our cause, people like you ~ people who will walk with us as we transform the future of our world. Through the children, our youngest and most profoundly gifted human beings, we hold hope for a more empathetic, connected, nurturing, and engaged human existence led by the leaders of tomorrow ~ our children.

Through everyday playful encounters with children, we create a culture of childhood that nourishes the well-being of our youngest citizens. Our enriched experiences give hope to the future of our world as we nurture the holistic growth of children ~ our leaders of tomorrow. 

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.

John F. Kennedy

A Hope for Our Future

We welcome you to join us as we reimagine childhood and nourish children as the hope for our future. Through our programs offered at The Playful Child, we dedicate ourselves to create experiences rooted research and nestled among the playfulness of childhood.

We invite you to give to our cause, helping us in the infancy of The Playful Child, as we create beautiful and engaging indoor and outdoor environments, offer inspiring and engaging materials, and invite children, parents, educators, and those who nurture children to join us in growing our culture of community at The Playful Child.

Your Legacy
Lives On

Your donation means the world to the children we serve, and while we recognize that it does not generate a tax receipt, we know there are people like you who believe in budding start-up child-centred programs that nurture, guide, and inspire children. 

To show our gratitude for your generosity, and to honour your legacy of giving, with your permission, your name will be placed onto our virtual Giving Tree here at The Playful Child. It is with hearts of gratitude that we thank you for your generosity as we walk in partnership with you to reimagine childhood.  


As a start-up not registered as a non-profit or a charity, we are unable to apply for funding for such programs. Therefore, we rely solely on our own financial means to fund The Playful Child. As costs for programs for children run very high, we benefit from generous donations from community members and businesses looking to support a culture of community that empowers children. As a way to show our appreciation and share your commitment to the worthy cause of children, we offer The Giving Tree. Through The Giving Tree we are able to highlight your generosity and share your business or family name with our community, making giving a win-win for children and for you.

Donations will go toward creating an inspiring environment (indoor, outdoor, and virtual learning spaces) for the children, parents, and educators attending The Playful Child. We create resources and inspiring workshops, gather unique and engaging play materials, art supplies, and other inspiring objects that we use to invite children, parents, and educators to explore the magic of imaginary, creative, and open-ended play.  

Since we are not registered as a charitable foundation nor a non-profit organization, we are unable to issue tax receipts. We thank you for your generosity in supporting the whole being, growth, and development of children, and their parents and educators, who thrive in our inspired environment at The Playful Child

We will only place your name on The Giving Tree with your permission. You may choose to remain anonymous in which case, Anonymous Donor will appear in recognition of your contribution. You are welcome to donate in honour of a child or someone you hold close to your heart. Perhaps someone you know has given of themselves to support the growth and development of children. With their permission, you may place their name along with or instead of your own onto the Giving Tree. You may also give on behalf of your family, in which case, your family name will appear. 

We are grateful for all donations ~ on a one-time and recurring basis. If you would like to give on a recurring basis, please send us an email and we will share details with you about this option. We thank you for your generosity. 

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